In terms of the constitution of the Finkenstein Homeowners Association a board of trustees has been elected:
Mr Hellmut von Ludwiger - Chairman (elected March 2018 for 3 years)
Mr Andre de Jager (elected March 2018 for 3 years)
Mr Markus Lubbe (elected March 2018 for 3 years)
Ms Anri Parker (elected Nov 2016 for 3 years)
Mr Sirk Krügel (re-elected Nov 2016 for 3 years)

Portfolios chaired by:
Finance: Mr Sirk Krugel
Building: Mrs Anri Parker
Communication infrastructure: Mr Markus Lubbe
Other infrastructure: Mr Andre de Jager

FHA Architect

Mrs Manda Bakkes
Unit 31, Hyper Motor City, Maxwell Street. Tel 061-302810, Cell 0812526672
Christo Potgieter
Office 2A, Yang-Tze Village. Tel 061-387400, Cel 0811278579

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